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A website that WORKS for you

You already know how important it is to have a web presence, but are you aware of its full commercial potential?

Your website has the potential to WORK for you.
For example, it can communicate to more customers than a brochure or sales force could ever achieve, it can sell your products online, (then send an invoice, collect the money and pay it in to your bank) or simply avoid repetitive, time consuming tasks by providing information online.

A WORKING Website - Case Study

A client recently approached us, fully aware that their website was underperforming, however they could not pin point exactly why - other than it required an improved look. Their old website said everything it needed to, but there were bigger issues than simply poor design. Artworking came up with a completely revamped online strategy.

Our analysis found that important information was too many clicks away and some parts of the navigation were difficult to use. A new site map was constructed so that all information was only two clicks away. Online web forms were added to encourage people to instantly enquire. Keywords were researched and refined and a content management system was implemented, so that simple updates could be done in-house quickly and easily, avoiding repeated web designer costs.

Within a few weeks sales enquiries were up 200% and more of the right kind of visitors were enquiring, all with less time, effort and money.

It was now a WORKING website.

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Website Development Process

Even though no two website developments are the same, they do follow a general process.

1. Initial Discussion
This is to understand the needs of the business before proposing a suitable solution.

2. Website Objectives
Plan a web strategy with targets for what the website will achieve.

3. Site Map
Development of site map. This will influence the site's structure, what pages are grouped into subsections and how people will navigate it.

4. Initial Designs
Design overall page structure, global navigation and other key graphical elements.

5. Design and Programming
All our websites are W3C web-standard compliant. Simply put, this means we use the latest technology and programming languages so that your website is accessible, optimised for search results and easy to manage.

6. Beta Testing
Compatibility testing on major browsers and usability testing.

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About Artworking Digital Design

Artworking Digital Design

Artworking is based in Bristol, South West England and has been designing and building website for many years.

Our goal is to create a website that actually 'works' for you. This could be by selling your products online, marketing your company or simply avoiding time consuming tasks.

Artworking can help businesses grow by offering effective web strategies at affordable prices.

Web Standards as standard

There always seems to be a new buzzword circling the internet that describes a new web concept. Buzzwords like Web 2.0 are important to some but everyone should pay attention to Web Standards.

Artworking promote the use of web standards because of the rewards they can bring to the current and future success of a website. Benefits include: faster download times, improved accessibility, higher search engine rankings and easy to manage content.

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